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Silver Builders Real Estate Corporation is currently Managing Agents for:

Meridia Square, Tampa, Florida
Owned by Meridia Associates, Ltd.
47,430 sf retail shopping center

Silvermill Plaza, Tampa, Florida
Owned by Silvermill Associates, Ltd.
103,250 sf retail shopping center

Shores Landing, Ocala, Florida
Owned by Ocala Associates, LLC
51,720 sf retail shopping center

Beall's Outlet Plaza, Pembroke Pines, FL
Owned by Silver West Associates
118,198 sf retail shopping center

Big Lots Plaza, Pembroke Pines, FL
Owned by Village Shoppes Associates
88,439 sf retail shopping center

Sedanos Plaza, Pembroke Pines, FL
Owned by Triple S Associates
123,159 sf retail shopping center

Emerald Park Office Center, Hollywood, FL
Owned by ELPC Condo Association and Condo Unit Owners
80,000 sf office building

Hamilton Plaza, Hamilton, NY
Owned by Silver Hamilton, LLC
43,660 retail shopping center
Griffin Plaza, Davie, FL
Owned by Griffin Plaza Shopping Center, LLC
22,226 retail shopping center

Emerald Lake Professional Center, Hollywood, FL
Owned by EPOC Developers and Condo Unit Owners
17,199 sf office building

One Broad Street Plaza, Glens Falls, NY
Owned by Silver Broad, LLC
49,897 sf office building

Dix Avenue Building, Queensbury, NY
Owned by Silver Dix, LLC
69,000 sf office/warehouse building

Pulaski Plaza, Pulaski, NY
Owned by David G. Hollander Family Ltd. Partnership
77,100 sf retail shopping center

Monument Plaza, Bennington, VT
Owned by BLS Bennington LC
156,082 sf retail shopping center

Trial Graphix Building, Miramar, FL
Owned by 3300 Corporate Way, LLC
35,000 sf office/warehouse building

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