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Silver Builders' mission is to provide the highest quality real estate services to both tenants and owners. Our vision is to be world class in the eyes of our tenants by creating well-designed, effective and prosperous business environments. We will provide our tenants with the best reasons to conduct their business within our properties. We will help our clients and our partners achieve their goals and we will use our best efforts to attain the highest financial returns.

Silver Builders will accomplish our goals by preparing budgets, developing marketing plans and making absolutely certain that the up-keep of all our properties are maintained at the highest levels. We will constantly evaluate each and every property to determine if they are performing satifactorily, and if not, we will implement concepts and ideas to make them more profitable. At Silver Builders, we provide the highest level of service...because we take the time to do things right. We have committed ourselves and all of our resources to being at the forefront of real estate investments for the 21st Century.

Over the past fifteen years, Silver Builders Real Estate Corp. has grown to become a highly respected company specializing in commercial real estate management. As managing agents, we have been successful in achieving extremely high occupancy rates at virtually all of our properties. We are always attempting to balance the value of quality workmanship, coupled with a sound understanding of local labor and material costs, while at the same time, developing realistic operational and capital improvement budgets. We have accomplished this by maintaining close personal relationships with both our tenants, as well as our owners, as we closely monitor the monthly performance of each individual property.

Our Management Staff

Brad Ackerman, CPM, President
Mr. Ackerman received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of Florida in 1985. Mr. Ackerman is a licensed Real Estate Broker and CPM (certified property manager) in Florida. He has been in the property management field since 1995 and has served as president of Silver Builders Real Estate since 1997.

Walter J. Hollander, Vice President
Mr. Hollander received his Juris Doctorate degree from Case Western Reserve University in 1968, following his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1965 from Ohio University. Mr Hollander has been with Silver Builders since its inception in 1983.

Melissa Ackerman, CEO
Melissa Ackerman is a licensed Real Estate Broker. Mrs. Ackerman received her Bachelor of Science in Retail Management from Syracuse University in 1988. Mrs. Ackerman handles most executive property management responsibilities ranging from tenant relations to securing proper financing for all properties. She has been with the company since 1988.

Martha Lacourt, Property Manager
Martha Lacourt is a licensed Real Estate Broker-Associate and is involved with the day-to-day property management operations, including tenant relations, lease negotiations, budget preparations and control, and insurance matters. Mrs. Lacourt received her diploma from Rogers Academy Hall, and has been with Silver Builders since 1997.

Laura Cox, Controller
Laura Cox oversees all financial aspects of the management team. She is also responsible for the supervision of the central and site office staff. Ms. Cox has been with the Company since 1996, and is responsible for the company’s financial reporting to partners, lenders, and accountants.

Evan Hollander, Director of Construction
Evan Hollander is a State Certified General Contractor. Mr. Hollander is responsible for completing all Landlords work as it relates to each individual property. Additionally, Mr. Hollander is responsible for all physical improvements to the properties, ranging from preventative roof maintenance to renovating entire shopping centers. Mr. Hollander graduated from Hollywood Hills High School in 1983, and has been with Silver Builders since 1984.

Matt Montella, Site Manager
Matt Montella has responsibility for all day-to-day physical operations of the properties. Mr. Montella's duties include inspecting all properties on a regular basis and overseeing all property employees. He ensures that all properties are maintained to the high standards that are expected from a Silver Builders managed property. Mr. Montella graduated from Florida State University in 1987, and has been with Silver Builders since 1991.

Jane Mendez, Administrative Assistant
Jane Mendez handles all office needs, including telephones, insurance certificates, payables, mailings and supplies. Mrs. Mendez is responsible for facilitating monthly reporting and scheduling. She has been with the company since 2002.

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